2 Kw Navtex Transmitter

2 kW Navtex Transmitter model: MSM-620-X

● 450KHz to 6MHz frequency range.
● Local/Remote control up to 16 transmitters by RS-232- C PC bus.
● Output power 2kW.
● Excitator design completely DIGITAL.
● Communication in telephony and data.
● Telegraphy and NAVTEX communication.
● Memorizes up to 255 channels with all its parameters.
● Modular construction easy to maintain.
● Two independent outputs of antenna: - Output (1) 450 - 600 KHz. - Output (2) 1.6 - 6 MHz.
● Works with three-phased or single-phased power supplies

Ideal for LF / MF Navtex transmissions with the same equipment.
Allows operation with two independent antennas and control of their couplings Fully solid state.
Built with modular technology for easy repair.


Remote control through bus RS232.
Number of channels to memorize 255.
Operates in all modes Telegraphy Voice Data Navtex Works with three-phased or single-phased powers supplies.
Made of aluminium able to work in seacoast areas with extreme temperatures and humidity.


Operating frequency 0.45 - 6 MHz.
Frequency resolution 1 Hz.
Frequency stability 0.5 ppm.
Number of channels to memorize 255.
Output power 2000 W ±1dB Power regulation: -3 dB. -6 dB. -10 dB.
Operating with only exciter 75 W.
Wattmeter (incident/reflected) Incorporated.
Power amplifiers Solid state.
Protected against antenna short-circuit and open-circuit.
Radiated harmonics -60 dB.
Out-of-band spurious -60 dB.
Intermodulation (2 tones) Best -31dB ±1dB.
Power amplifier made with four modules of 600 W added and possibility of operating with several modules in case of failure.
Output impedance 50Ω.
Output connector RF 7/16 (female).
Broadband designed without frequency tuning.
Working regime Continuous.
Transmission modes: J3E, J2A, J2B, H3E, A1A, F1B.
Linear phase filters for data transmission.
Frequency response 300 - 3000 Hz. Ripple band ±0.2 dB.
Out-of-band attenuation -60dB, 150 Hz, 3200Hz
Carrier attenuation: J3E -50 dB. H3E -6 dB. TUNE -10 dB.
Not desired side band attenuation -50 dB.
ON/OFF relation (A1A, J2A) -60 dB.
 Microphone inputs Asymmetric.
Input impedance 600Ω. Input level 500 mVpp max.
 Microphone level compressor 42 dB.
Compressor response time 1 ms.
Compressor minimum threshold 3.90 mVpp.
Micro. PTT input Connected to ground.
Line input Symmetric/Asymmetric.
Line input impedance 600Ω.
Adjustable input level 0 dBm (nominal).
Audio response 250/4000 Hz.
Line compression -20 dBm to +6 dBm.
Compressor response time 1 ms.
Compressor fall time 230 ms.
PTT input line Connected to ground.
 Data input through line (modem optional).
Data PTT through line Connected to ground.
Line compressor in data 0 dBm. to +6dBm.
Audio input level 0 dBm.
Keyer input Connected to ground.
Keying modes J2A, A1A.
 PTT retention when keying 1 sec.
Sidetone output 1000Ω 1 Vpp adjustable.
Sidetone output impedance 10000Ω.
Programmable delay in the output of external relays and mutes as for the PTT.
External relay and mutes as for the PTT adjustable from 1 ms. to 31 ms.


Three-phased power supply: 220 Vac. ±10% single phase
380 Vac. ±10% three phase (opt.)
Frequency 50/60 Hz.
Consumed power in transmission: 220VA -- 30A. 380VA -- 9,5A.


 Mechanical composition:
Digital exciter model EX-500-N.
Adder of Rf Power SM-620-X.
Linear amplifier model AL-312-N (2).
 Power supply model FA-620-A.
Type of handling Pilled up groups.
Handled in rack of 19 inches Optional.
External dimensions: Width 1380mm. Height 680mm. Depth 700mm.
Fabrication Anticorrosive aluminium.
Antivibration and crash support Optional.
Total weight 320Kg.


Operation temperature 0 to 50ºC.
Storage temperature -30 to 80ºC. Humidity 90%

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