Navtex Transmitter, 1Kw


● Frequency range from 450KHz to 6MHz.
● Local/Remote control by RS-232-C.
● Output power 1000W. ● Communication in telephony and data.
● Telegraphy and NAVTEX communications.
● Memorizes up to 255 channels with all its parameters.
● Modular construction easy to maintain.
● Works with single-phased or three-phased (opt.)
● Switching power supplies for high performance working.
● Individual transmitter software control TL-500-T.
● Multiple transmitter software control SC-516-A.
● ROE tolerance: infinite.
● Exciter design completely DIGITAL

Completely solid state.
As it made with modular technology, it is easier to repair.
Broadband technology in a coverage from 450KHz to 6MHz with instantaneous change of the working frequency and a resolution of 1Hz.

Modular construction with units:
Digital exciter model EX-500-N.
Linear Amplifier model AL-312-N.
Power supply model FA-610-A.
Rated power 1000 W.
Fully designed in solid state.
Possibility to operate in reduced powers.
Remote control through bus RS232.
Number of channels to memorize 255.
Linear phase filter for data transmission.
Works in all modes Navtex Telegraphy Voice Data ROE tolerance Infinite.
Works with single-phased current (optional three-phased).
Made of aluminium able to work in seacoast areas with extreme temperatures and humidity.
Mechanical design of small size.


EN61000-3-2 (Electromagnetic compatibility).
EN61000-3-3 (Electromagnetic compatibility).
89/336/CEE (Electromagnetic compatibility).
73/23/CEE (Low voltage directive).
ETSI EN301929-1.
ETSI EN300773-1.
ITU-R M.625-3.


Working frequency 0.4 - 6 MHz.
Frequency resolution 1 Hz.
Frequency stability 0.5 ppm.
Optional 0.01ppm.
Number of channels to memorize 255.
Output power 1000 W ±1dB
Power regulation: -3 dB. -6 dB. -10 dB.
Operating with only exciter 75 W.
Wattmeter (incident/reflected) Incorporated.
Power amplifiers Solid state.
Protected against antenna short-circuit and open-circuit of antenna.
Radiated harmonics -60 dB.
Out-of-band spurious -70 dB.
Intermodulation (2 tones) Best -31dB ±1dB.
Power amplifier made with four modules of 600 W added and possibility of operating with several modules in case of failure.
Output impedance 50Ω

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