100W VHF transceiver

100W VHF VHF transceiver model: MST-660

● Frequency range: 154.4 A 163.75MHz.
● Operation modes: Simplex, Semiduplex y Duplex.
● Channeling 25KHz. (Other channeling optional).
● All international maritime channel included.
● Operation: Local and remote.
● Possibility of remotely control all its parameters.
● Power supply: 110/220VAC
● Output nominal power: 100W.
● RS-232-C remote control bus.
● Built-up in modular way easy to maintain.


Frequency range (Channelized) 154.4 to 163.75MHz.
All international maritime channels included.
Channeling 25KHz (other optional).
Type of modulation G3EJN.
Modes Simplex, Semiduplex, Duplex.
Frequency stability 1 ppm.
Remote control RS-232-C bus.
Completely digital design except for part of the power.
Channels used in USA
Optional Front connection, handset audio input.
Complete protection against open antenna or in short-circuit.

Output power 100W ±1dB.
Reduced power W/2; W/4; 1W.
Output impedance 50Ω.
Harmonics suppression Better than -60dBc.
Frequency deviation ±5KHz.
Spurious radiation Better than –70dBc.
Audio response 300 to 3000Hz.
Pre-emphasis 6dB/eight -75µs.
Distortion Less than 5%.
Independent audio input Microphone.
Line 600Ω. Data (line 600Ω).
Audio compressor Included.
Modulation input level -20dBm -0dBm.
Smaller distortion 5%.
S/N relation Better than 50dB.
RECEIVER Input impedance 50Ω.
Sensibility -0.25µV for 12dB SINAD.
Speaker audio output power 5W.
Line output (adjustable) 600Ω; -40dBm to 0dBm.
Distortion Less than 5%.
Audio broad band 300 to 3000Hz ±1dB.
600Ω line output for data (adjustable).
Adjacent channel reject >70dB.
De-emphasis 6dB/eight -75µs.
Input dynamic range -119dBm to 0dBm.
Audio silencer Adjustable (7 levels).
RF level measurer with external output for selection of better received signal.
F.I. digital filter special for data reception.
CTS tones detector Optional.
Preselector with selective filters to suppress signals out of band.
FM signal suppression Better than 120dB.
Silencer opening time 10ms. Intermodulation 70dB.


Power 110/220VAC.
Other supplies Optional.
Power supply 150W.


Operation temperature -20°C to +60°C.
Relative humidity 95%. Width Rack 19”.
Height 3U (133,5 mm).
Depth 340 mm.
Weight 4Kg.

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