DSC operator workstation

DSC operator workstation software model: MSLS-200

● Simultaneous control of DSC VHF and MF/HF.
● The system can govern in VHF and/or MF/HF from single control post, up to 16 DSC stations.
● Visual and acoustic indication of received DSC.
● Data base for Received and Transmitted DSC. Report and Printing.
● Reception process (+Acknowledgement DSC) and DSC calls transmission:
- Distress.
- Transmission distress.
- Emergency.
- Security.
- All ships.
- Individual station.
- Ship in a precise geographic zone.
- Group of ships.
- Semiautomatic/automatic service.
● Remote control (configurable), of VHF Transceiver units (Ch70) model MST-650 .
● According to the ITU, CCIR, CEPT/ETS/IMO norms.

DSC System is based in a software program. It runs in a PC type station, for managing the reception and transmission of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System VHF/MF/HF Digital Selective Call (UIT-R M.493 and UIT-R M.541 recommendations).

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