Housing Unit CSU-1124

Housing Unit model: CSU-1124
The CSU-1124 is an aluminium frame fit for installation in standard 19" racks with a 4U height. It can host up to four CTR-3224 transceiver modules.
It is particularly suited for installation of a high number of transceivers in the same system. The frame supplies DC power to the transceivers and contains a set of fan coolers that activate upon a command coming from the transceivers.
The front panel of the frame includes the power switch and a series of LEDs showing the state of a set of alarms (digital inputs) that can be acquired through the "Alarm IN" connector located on the back panel, and transferred to the transceiver modules to be forwarded to the remote controller.
The frame can be used in a main/backup redundant configuration; to this purpose two connectors are provided: an "Alarm OUT" connector,  in order to transfer alarms acquired to the backup transceiver set; and a "BITE OUT" connector, to control an external antenna switch.
CSU-1124 enables hot-swapping of transceiver modules, in order to minimise downtime during servicing.

The PWS-1124 module transforms the mains voltage (220 V ac) into dc voltage (24 V dc nominal).

Transceiver module slots: 4
Fan cooler supply voltage: 16 - 48 Vdc
Fan cooler power absorption: 5 W max
Size (h x w x d): 177 x 482.6 x 280 mm
Weight: 2 kg (excluding transciever modules)
Operating temperature: -20 °C ? +55 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C ? +70 °C
Humidity: Up to 95% with temperature in the range +25 °C ? +55° C



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