Coastal NAVTEX Receiver

Coast Navtex Receiver model MSR-1097N

Navtex receiver for Navtex decoding, compliant with international recommendations.
Frequency range for the receiver is 50 kHz to 30 MHz;
The user can interact with the MSR‐1097N receiver through its keyboard and graphical display.
The device includes self‐test functions (BITE: Built In Test Equipment), to enable easy detection of faults.
The device can be remotely controlled through a simple serial communication line (RS‐232 or RS‐422), using as a controller, for instance, any off‐the‐shelf personal computer including suitable software.
It is also meant to decode NAVTEX communications on 518 kHz and 490 kHz.
It is provided with a built in Scanner function, for automatic scanning of 518, 490 and 4209,5 kHZ

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