NAVTEX remote control system

NAVTEX remote control system model: MSRC-400-A

● Fulfills the standards ITU-R M.540-2, ITU-R M.476-5, ITU-R M.625-4 and the Navtex Manual
edition 2012 published by the IMO.
● Automatic/manual management of transmissions in 490 / 518 / 4209.5 KHz frequencies.
● Adjustable audio output level from -20 dbm to +5 dbm.
● AFSK modulation type.
● Automatic management of transmitter selection of Frequency/RF Power Level /antenna 490 /
518 / 4209.5 KHz .
● Automatic management of pass to transmission (PTT).
● Manual management of Main/Reserve transmitter selection.
● UPS supervision.
● 2U 19” chassis.

The MSRC-400-A is the autonomous unit for the automatic/manual management of Navtex transmissions in 490 / 518 / 4209.5 KHz international frequencies. This unit is located in the transmission centre and will be remotely run by the Navtex operation program in control centre that will conveniently update the information for the Navtex automatic/manual broadcast transmissions.

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