Warship AIS Transponder model AMW-1103

Warship AIS Transponder

According to IMO recommendations, to ensure safe navigation, many vessels are required to be equipped with an AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponder.
This technology, based on the use of GPS receivers, allows automatic position reporting by means of a simple VHF radio transmission. The position and ship identification is made available to all similarly equipped stations within range.
The AMW-1103, made up by the transponder unit AMT-1103 and the display unit MKD-1103, has been designed to implement all the functionalities of a class A AIS station according to the relevant international regulations (ITU-R M.1371 and IEC 61993-2 Ed 2.0 2012). Thus, the AMW-1103 is perfectly capable of interoperating with commercial AIS stations, receiving signals from nearby vessels (class A and B) and other types of AIS stations like Base Stations, Aids to Navigation (AtoNs), Search And Rescue (SAR) aircrafts and Search And Rescue transmitters (SART). 
In addition to the standard AIS behaviour, the AMW-1103 implements additional functionalities to support military and police vessels. These Secure Mode functions can be used to stop the standard broadcasting of AIS messages and/or to enable encrypted communications so that only the friendly AIS stations (e.g. other WAIS equipped vessels and base stations sharing the same encoding and password) can decode the information transmitted from the vessel. The DSC receiver can be reserved for encrypted communications on a user specified frequency, if desired. The Secure Mode functions comply with the NATO standardization agreements (STANAG) 4668 and 4669.
All the aspects of the AMW-1103, including the Secure Mode functions, can be configured and turned on or off by using the minimum keyboard & display unit MKD-1103 provided with the AMW-1103. Moreover, the user can access the MKD-1103 to send and receive text and safety messages; the user can also force these messages to be encrypted before being sent.
The AMW-1103 includes an internal GPS receiver to acquire position and time information; this information can be forwarded to other onboard equipment.
The AMW-1103 features a dedicated RTCM port to input DGNSS messages to the unit, enabling corrections to be forwarded to the internal GPS.

General characteristics

  • Compliant with IEC standard 61993-2 Ed 2.0 (2012)
  • 3 VHF receivers and 1 VHF transmitter
  • Transmission of static, dynamic and voyage related information
  • Interface to other shipboard sensors (GPS, compass, etc)
  • Transmission/reception of text messages
  • User Interface (ECDIS, ECS)
  • Long range interface
  • Remote control unit with keyboard & display mod. MKD-1103.
  • DSC compliant
  • Internal DGPS receiver
  • Internal BIIT (Built In Integrity Test)
  • WAIS silent mode, encryption mode and ultra-low power mode for intra-fleet communications
  • Usage of 3rd receiver for the encrypted communications3 VHF receivers and 1 VHF transmitter

Operation modes

  • WAIS fully silent mode
  • WAIS encryption mode
  • WAIS ultra-low power mode

Technical specifications

AMT-1103 Dimensions (w x d x h) 214 x 205 x 56 mm
MKD-1103 Dimensions (w x d x h) 214 x 40 x 205 mm
AMT-1103 Weight 2 Kg
MKD-1103 Weight 1.5 Kg
Power Input 10.8 ÷ 31.2 V DC
VHF Transponder frequency band
155 ÷ 163 MHz
Channel width
25 kHz
RF Power output
1 or 12.5 W (nominal)
Modulation GMSK / FM
Bit rate 9600 bps
Sensitivity -113 dBm @ 20% PER
GPS Receiver Differential, 50 channel
GPS Accuracy (2D) 2.5 m CEP - GPS
1.5 m CEP - DGPS


Input 3 IEC 61162-1 / 2
1 ITU 823-2
1 PPS input pin
1 TX INHIBIT input pin
Bidirectional 4 IEC 61162-2
1 RS232
Output 1 ITU 823-2 / IEC 61162-1 / 2
1 Alarm relay
1 PPS output pin
1 BIIT output pin
RF 1 BNC for VHF antenna
1 TNC for GPS antenna


  • IMO A.694(17)
  • IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3
  • ITU-R M.1084-5
  • ITU-R M.1371-5
  • ITU-R M.493-13
  • ITU-R M.541-9
  • ITU-R M.825-3
  • IEC 61162-1/2 Ed. 4.0
  • IEC 61108-1
  • IEC 61993-2
  • IEC 62288
  • EN 60945 Ed. 4.0
  • STANAG 4668 Ed.1 & 2
  • STANAG 4669 Ed.1 & 2


AMW1103_Rev-6_ENG Size: 212.7 Кб
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