AVIS Voice operator workstation

Voice operator workstation model AVIS with Unicom software

The operator interacts with the terminal through a touch screen monitor, in addition to the standard mouse and keyboard

The user will also have available, as standard equipment with the terminal, a pair of earphones (with microphone and PTT button),

and integrated speakers

Every operator can interact with the system through specific interfaces, with which it is possible to configure the parameters of the radio

resources available.

The operator can also verify the status of other operators in the network, can make full duplex calls to other terminals or PSTN lines, 

and can communicate through text messages. 

The main functions of the User Terminal are: 

● Telephone communications;

● Access to the remote radio devices in half duplex mode with transmission enabled by the PTT on the AvisTerminal  

● Visualization of the parameters of the radio resource in use (radio type, frequency, channel, status and so on);

● Control of the radio resource in use with the possibility to change channel, frequency and other working parameters;

● Ability to control and manage up to four simultaneous communications;

● Simultaneous reception on several different channels;

● Possibility to send the audio to several conversations at the same time;

● BITE function;

● Possibility to assign and configure audio communication to any output device such as earphones, speakers, and so on.

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