Naval VoIP system configuration

Naval VoIP Communications

The TLC Centralization system was specifically made to be used on naval units of the Italian Navy, and it is based on VoIP technology. The system allows communications between VoIP terminals (TPO-1110), between external VoIP terminals and users of a PABX network. It also allows users to manage the volume of traditional transceivers and to text message other VoIP terminals.
For internal communications, the system is capable of establishing several connections (as conference in multicast) between users, a broadcast connection (one user to several), or several single connections between two operators. For external communications, the system is capable of connecting the operator to the available radio device. The system is essentially composed of:
  • Operator terminal TPO-1110
  • Radio interface terminal MVR-110
  • LAN connection/distribution
  • CMC management software
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