Dual AIS Base Station Controller

Dual Base Station Controller

The dual AIS Embedded Server, model BCD-1135, is designed to interface multiple AIS Base Stations or Physical Shore Stations (PSS) and to allow their management from shore systems. The BCD-1135 can be easily integrated in an AIS network acting as a PSS Controlling Unit (PCU) according to the IALA Recommendation A-124.
The BCD-1135 is the dual version of the BCS-1135, featuring two separate servers, thus supporting redundancy or the simultaneous interface to two TCP networks (Serial Router).
The BCD-1135 can acquire AIS data from the serial ports and from TCP connections according to the specified configuration. In the same way the collected AIS data are made available to serial ports and TCP connections.
The BCD-1135 features an embedded interface for each web server, which allows configuring and monitoring both the servers and the connected AIS Base Stations, removing the need of additional software. Authorized operators can log-in the web interface to configure and monitor every aspect of the BCD-1135, its ports and connections and the linked devices and users.
The BCD-1135 can be equipped with an internal GPS receiver which can be used as position and time source both for the BCD-1135 itself and for the connected AIS Base Stations, simplifying the installation where more than one Base Station is required. Time synchronization can also be achieved through the embedded SNTP client.
The BCD-1135 can also be used as a switching unit for Base Stations in redundant installations in active/passive configuration; the optional VHF antenna switch can be used to feed the active Base Station only, thus reducing the number of required antennas.

Main features

  • Standard 19 form factor
  • Serial to IP conversion
  • Up to 5 serial ports for direct interface to AIS Base Stations
  • Up to 10 configurable TCP connections (client/server)
  • Redundancy or Serial Router mode
  • Support for Secure mode functions (WAIS)
  • Configuration via WEB interface
  • Multiple AIS base station configuration/monitoring via WEB interface
  • Embedded SNMP agent
  • Optional internal DGPS receiver

Technical features

Dimensions 482 x 230 x 44 mm
Weight 3 Kg
Power input 230/115 V AC or 18÷48 V DC
Operating temperature
-20 ÷ +55 C
Storage temperature
-40 ÷ +70 C
Relative humidity
95% @ +25 ÷ +55 C
GPS Receiver
Differential, 16 channel
GPS Accuracy (2D) 5 m (95 %) - GPS
1.5 m (95 %) - DGPS


Ethernet 4 RJ45 connectors
Serial ports Up to 5 DB9 connectors
Each port is configurable as:
    RS232 DTE (DB9 male)
    RS422 (DB9 female)
    ABT-1103 PI (DB9 female)
2 RJ12 connectors for maintenance
RF 1 N-female for VHF antenna in
2 BNC for VHF antenna out
1 TNC for GPS antenna


  • IALA Rec A-124
  • ITU-R M.1371-4, 2010
  • IEC 61162-1 Ed. 4.0, 2010
  • IEC 61162-2 Ed. 1.0, 1998
  • IEC 61108-1
  • IEC 62320-1 Ed. 1.1, 2009
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