Integrated Vessel Tracking & Monitoring system

Integrated Vessel Tracking & Monitoring system model Marinsys-NVTS

The Marinsys-NVTS (Navy Vessel Tracking and Monitoring System) is an integrated and scalable solution designed to ensure safety and management of vessel traffic, monitor and protect marine environment, and support search and rescue operations (SAR) in the NVTS area.

Operational functions

The Marinsys-NVTS system is designed to offer the following main functionalities:

  • Sensors interface management (Radar, AIS, RDF, CCTV, Meteo&Hydro, VHF, SCADA)
  • Traffic Picture Presentation (operator console)
  • Database Management
  • Recording and Playback
  • System Monitoring

The system is composed of a number of modules that can be tailored for each specific project.

Interface Data Sensors

The NVTS software has a dedicated and monitored interface that allows to properly manage, collect and fuse, in real-time, data from sensors typically installed in the NVTS projects such us Radar, AIS, RDF, CCTV, Meteo & Hydro, VHF, SCADA.

Operator Console

The Operator Console enables personnel to perform the area surveillance function. This function includes all services that support the operator in the evaluation of the global traffic image and the monitoring of situations of particular interest, helping to take the appropriate decisions.

Windows, menus, lists, buttons, and icons compose the user interface, designed and put together in order to give to the operators all the instruments, in the simplest and most intuitive way, to properly manage the system. A ready-to-use and a complete vision of the real time scenario is the basis for all actions to be taken in a timely and correct manner, necessary within the context of modern maritime traffic control and at-sea emergency management.

The NVTS Operator Console is designed to offer the following features:

  • Electronic chart (supporting of S63 and unencrypted S57 charts)
  • Tracks identification (AIS and radar)
  • Raw and synthetic radar video
  • Vessel movements prediction
  • CCTV data video integration (including manual and automatic tracking)
  • Bearing line from RDFs
  • Other sensors management (AIS, CCTV, SCADA, RDF, Meteo&Hydro)
  • Binary, text, and safety AIS messages management
  • Targets alarms/warnings management (entering/leaving zones, anchorage and buoyage watching, speed control, and others)
  • Route planning and monitoring
  • Presentation labels customization
  • Performing geographical calculation
  • Control maps drawing and editing
  • Reports and Statistics generation
  • Trainer mode operation

Database Management

The main objective of the database module in the NTMS is to provide a wide distributed resource to collect and store data from several sensors and relevant to different target types.

The system database stores all the necessary information for the execution of the live traffic monitoring and for the record and playback features, including data management, archiving, system and user logging, system statistics, information on the external clients interface (e.g. Harbour Master Offices), system resources management, and internal processing. Also, the ancillary information (e.g. Alarm signals, List of Infractions, List of Emergencies, list of additional target information, log books including user actions and system malfunctions, etc.) are stored in the database.

Recording and Playback

The Record and Playback module contributes to satisfy the requirements to provide a safe and reliable service with the following complementary capabilities:

  • Recording all data of interest to NVTS system operation such as: radar tracks&plots, AIS tracks/messages, RDF data, voice communications, CCTV images, synthetic radar video, operators actions, Meteo&Hydro data, system status/alarms
  • Replay of recorded situation
  • Providing the recorded data for analysis, validation and displaying for an offline facility

Each NVTS console can recall the replay functions from its user interface without affecting the VTMS system real-time operations and without affecting the actions of the other consoles. The pre-recorded situations are stored in the system database and can be replayed in one or more console without affecting the real-time operations. Any NVTS console can be able to select a time period for data to be replayed, and the operator is able to manage the replay scenario including NVTS data and synthetic radar video by means of the interface commands: Play, Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward, Loop (replay), Speed ratio.

System Monitoring

This module is responsible for the monitoring and reporting of automatic or on demand status of local and remote component of the system. The acquisition module receives data referred to different conditions of operation of equipment/subsystems:

  • Operational status: test/maintenance, operational/not operational, unavailable
  • Failure status and type of failure of the equipment/subsystem/device

The operator/supervisor can monitor several information such as: devices status, global system status, subsystem status.

In case of failure of one or more devices to cause a partial or total unavailability of the system, the system will present a visible and audible alarm, that will be maintained until an operator acknowledges it, a report about the warning is produced and stored in the log book automatically.

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