Navy Web system

Web Solution for Maritime Domain Awareness Marinsys-Web

Marinsys-Web is a scalable software solution addressing the needs of coastal Authorities for an improved awareness of the maritime traffic. Marinsys-Web allows to collect, process, store, display and distribute data originating from multiple data sources and sensors related to vessel tracks and, more in general, maritime data. The flexible web user interface of Marinsys-Web  assists the operators in the monitoring and management of the maritime traffic helping in identifying the relevant events.


  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for a modular and fully scalable system adaptable to different scenarios
  • Support for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) such as, operating system, database, application server and web server
  • Web based Graphical User Interface (GUI) in order to access all the system functionalities using a standard browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc)

Data Integration and Distribution

The SOA approach of Marinsys-Web facilitates the integration of different types of data coming from external sources and sensors like AIS, radar, direction finder, LRIT, satellite detected tracks and images, and external databases. Marinsys-Web can process, correlate and detect inconsistencies in the data. Marinsys-Web includes specific software modules to manage AIS networks and Base Stations, including support for network virtual MMSIs and AtoN and safety message schedulers.
Marinsys-Web is also capable of distributing all or part of the collected data to users and external systems according to specified policies and configurations.

User Access Control

For each user of the Marinsys-Web  Web User Interface (WUI) it is possible to define:
  • Credentials: username and password in order to log-in to the WUI
  • Profiles: collection of system functionalities that can be assigned to users
  • Policies: data access rights configurable on a per-user basis


The GIS module of Marinsys-Web allows maritime traffic monitoring and alerts by displaying the vessel tracks on electronic charts. The traffic image is processed and enriched with information overlays, track information, data from sensors and warnings. Track information acquired by AIS can be displayed on the GIS (Geographic Information System) together with data from vessel databases. The GIS ensures that a variety of charts, maps and geo-referenced images can be used, including S57, S63, ESRI® shape files and a range of raster formats (GeoTIFF, etc). The GIS is compliant to the standard OGC features, in order to increase systems interoperability.
The GIS module includes advanced tools to assist the operator's activities:
  • standard GIS navigation tools like pan, zoom, labels configuration etc
  • selection of charts layers
  • area drawing
  • flexible target search
  • highlighting of user specified targets of interest (TOI)
  • computation of advanced kinematics measures (distance, bearing, CPA, TCPA etc)
  • interaction with selected targets (AIS interrogations, text messages, etc)
  • track history with export and playback capabilities
  • integrated display of data coming from different sources and sensors


Marinsys-Web can generate audio and/or visual notifications when events relevant to the operator are detected, like for instance:
  • ship entering or exiting user specified areas
  • ship exceeding speed or course limits in user specified areas
  • inconsistencies in received vessel data
  • reception of AIS safety messages
  • system malfunctions


Marinsys-Web can generate statistic computation on stored data, aiming at producing tabular reports, graphical analysis and cartographic-context analysis.

System Monitoring

Marinsys-Web includes an embedded SNMP agent to interface external manager software and different monitoring tools accessible by means of the WUI:
  • monitoring of the status of connections between Server and data sources (eg AIS, radar etc)
  • monitoring of the performances of data flows, also by the mean of statistic computation
  • monitoring and diagnostics about the status of the System software modules/Sub-modules
  • monitoring of the Web User activities
  • monitoring of the system activities and logs


Marinsys-Web is designed for optimum reliability supporting redundant configuration and disaster recovery.
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